I reached the Changi International Airport during a dark sky time on August 7th. I am using the phrase “dark sky time” because I don’t know about you, but whenever I travel long distances and buy some free jet lag from the duty-free inflight store, I seem to completely lose sense of time for quite sometime. Even the announcements at the end and outdated visualizations on the screen informing the passengers about the time at the destination don’t quite persuade me to change the time on my handwatch (isn’t it so hard to pull out that little screw on the right side of the watch with your nail? I shouldn’t complain – I am more than certain that chicks have a harder time).

The arrival area was rather small and congested, but notably clean. Oh don’t blame your factbooks, this airport is indeed one of the finest airports in the world. I realized this only when I came out after collecting my luggage and going all around the airport in a fairly cheap* shared airport shuttle. It had seemed even small because it was majorly under renovation.

Was the first one to be dropped off (in a seemingly shady area), thus making the most of the bus shuttle ride in which I sat belted (yeah, I just made the word up) staring at the city of lights (made that up too). My first accommodation looked nothing like what the wide-lens photoshoped images on had depicted. This was way smaller, too scary, too tight, and far less crowded that expected. Yes, their website did make it seem like this was the hottest place to be in 2010.

Stayed at the hostel called SuperbHub for 5 days without saying a word while using all their shared-facilities, and packed my bags at the first opportunity to get out of there.

Note: Don’t even expect me to use sophisticated words like “economical” instead of “cheap”. Don’t.

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