Shirley Apartments – Home Sweet Home!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a bit about my dorm – my home for the next four months! Compared to Education City, where I live is nothing special – but in terms of dorm standards, this place is pretty good.

I live in a building called Shirley Apartments. It’s the furthest away from campus, clocking in at a 15 minute walk to campus, but on the flip side I’m closer to the Islamic Center (free iftar!) and the rest of the city. There’s a nice Indian grocery store within a three minute walk, as well as a QuiznosSub and Subway, and Starbucks.

My apartment is made for two upperclassmen – with a living room, dining table, desks, attached bathroom and separate bedroom. Nope, I don’t have AC, which leads to shirt-freezing to keep me cool.

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About Zaid

Hello, my name is Zaid Haque. I’m an Information Systems Sophomore doing a Minor in Communication Design over at the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh.
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One Response to Shirley Apartments – Home Sweet Home!

  1. Marjorie says:

    If you haven’t checked out the other restaurants on Craig St. yet, you should! I’m particularly fond of Lulu’s, and the Indian place isn’t bad for an Indian place in Pittsburgh. (Oh man I miss Bharat.)

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