Jalan Jalan Makan

So, what do those words mean? A rather absurd title for a blogpost, eh? Okie, let me make things a little simple for you. Jalan translates to walking, and Makan translates to eating in Mandarin Malay (thanks, Aysha!). So Jalan Jalan Makan is simply: walking, walking, eating! And this was the title of one of the best events organized by SMU’s international students’ hostel on a Saturday morning. Here is what they decided to do:

They invited all the international freshman students along with all exchange students on a Saturday morning to play a game. Don’t underestimate the size of the exchange student community. It’s far larger than the number we have in Qatar – it was a whooping 422 students! Yes, larger than our entire student population. So back to the topic, in the game, all students were divided into around 10 groups of approximately 6 students each. Each group was given $100, and 4.5 hours, and had to go all around the city doing one simple thing: EATING! There were certain restrictions and some requirements, the most important one being “Eat a lot and have fun!”. Given that I was the only vegetarian in around 90 students, I realized I wouldn’t be able to eat much – but gladly for me, the organizing committee had been nice enough to assign only vegetarian food requirements to my team. The winners of the game were the ones who ate at the most food places and got back the earliest. It was just one of the most creative ways of allowing people to have fun. You get the point, don’t you?! Okay – may be these videos can help!

Qatar, someone is catching up in the battle of the free food. Buck up!

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5 Responses to Jalan Jalan Makan

  1. Zaid says:

    one word: FABO.
    that’s intense man!

  2. abdalla abdalla says:

    I second you zaid! FABO all the way.

    Varun, if we do this in Doha, it would be epic!

    Have fun guys and keep posting more regularly.

  3. Ren Aysha says:

    But wait, Jalan Jalan Makan is a Malay language. It is not Mandarin.

    I wish I could join that Jalan Jalan Makan event!

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