Last Day of Ramadan – bus breakdown + missed flight et. al = fun packed day

So I’ll start my day from iftar two days ago, 8th September. I was taw the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, a masjid that’s like ten minutes away from my dorm. I took my iPad with me (still thinking of a name for it.. suggestions would be appreciated!) so I could finish off one of my assignments. It was the last night they had Taraweeh and I felt bad i hadn’t attended any, so i was going to work until prayer time.
I did do work, and after finishing prayers I was on my way home but i thought I’d say may goodbyes and Eid Mubaraks to everyone before since I won’t be seeing them for Eid. I bumped into Aamir and we chatted for a while, it seemed like his flight was leaving around the same time as mine the next day so we exchanged contacts so we could go to the airport together.
We talked to Raheel for a while, and he kept telling us to stay a bit longer at the masjid because he just wanted to talk to us and stuff… After like half an hour of talking i realized it was the night of the 29th-the last of the blessed nights of Ramadan. with a push from Raheel i decided to spend the night at the masjid to pray and worship.

Raheel and I had a lot of deep conversations about religion and everything that night, and we did a lot of praying and worshipping. For once I actually felt like i w as doing something useful for ramadan!

The day, however, did not go so well because of this. I was sleeping in almost all of my classes, and Thursday is the busiest day of the week for me, with only an hour worth of breaks between 830am and 430pm.

Left for home around 5pm after a bit of other work, and started packing for the bus i needed to catch at 6.
Met up with Aamir, got on the bus, and headed towards the airport. When we got on the highway, we started hearing this beeping sound. The beeps got faster, and then they stopped, and suddenly the bus stopped. The five people in the bus started staring at each other… And the driver was extremely quiet. He wouldn’t say a word, and nobody dared ask him what was happening. Two minutes later though, bus bus started moving. Aamir and I acted like nothing happened. Soon enough, the whole thing repeated, but this time the bus stopped for longer. Then a third time, and a fourth. It came to a point where Aamir and i would bet when the next time the bus would shut down again!
By the fifth or sixth time, we were standing and the next bus on the schedule (it left half an hour after us) passes by, and we all sit on that bus. It’s way past the boarding time for my plane by now, and there’s no chance that i could make it.

I go to the check-in counter and find someone who just finished her shift to make a new ticket for me so i could come back the next day. Charges me $50.. Oh well. By this time we had to break our fast, so we found this cafe sort of place and had our last iftar for Ramadan there. I had a tuna wrap which i spent at least five minutes trying to get the plastic wrap off of! Then i wished Aamir happy eid and thanked him for being there for me to blow my steam off with. If he wasn’t there i don’t know what i would’ve done!

Anyway, i was pretty annoyed at the bus service and so didn’t feel like taking that home, and realized that taking a cab home tonight and taking one back the next day would be expensive.. So i went and rented a car =D
The weird thing was that if i hadn’t rented that car i wouldn’t be able to go to eid prayers! I also used it to explore the city with some of my buddies from CMU.

I think I’ll end my day here, loads of things happened on the first day of eid but Im sure nobody has the time to read about my crazy life! And if you do… You shouldn’t! Go and enjoy Eid break everyone, Zaid’s out!


About Zaid

Hello, my name is Zaid Haque. I’m an Information Systems Sophomore doing a Minor in Communication Design over at the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh.
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4 Responses to Last Day of Ramadan – bus breakdown + missed flight et. al = fun packed day

  1. Raheel says:

    Haha this is niceee! Soo, names for the iPad….man, i just sat here for 2 minutes and came up with the dumbest names, so I’m not gonna post em lol

  2. Abdalla Abdalla says:

    Lol, dude, you life sucks! come on, just when you reached the interesting part, you finished it. How was your eid dude! and what did you do with the rented car! that is the important part.

    anyways, eid mubarak man and enjoy ker tu!

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