Silent Disco and International Peace Day

Silent Disco - Varun danceIt was another day and just another meal at the local foodcourt, which is right opposite the School of Information Systems here. I met up with some friends and some unknowns at this foodcourt, out of complete coincidence. We enjoyed the conversation over the meal, although I must admit that I was struggling to digest “Maggi prata”, which was simply ramen stuffed into a whole wheat bread. Not only was it poorly prepared on this day, it was rather bland when eaten with sambhar, a south-Indian soupy delicacy. If you feel strange reading about this strange food, you can only imagine how I reacted on first trying it out.

We were all set to leave, when one of people I was having dinner with very enthusiastically announced that we were all going for the “Silent Disco” down the road. Okie, seriously, what?! Is that the name of a song? Or just a strange club’s name. It cannot be a genre of disco, now can it?! Well, turns out I was in for something super strange, yet fun. Let me allow the video below and picture on the left explain more.

Just to leave on a light note (the part above was also light, actually!): Today, we had the celebrations for the International Peace Day event at SMU. I, Mr. Patriot, am representing Oman. I wasn’t aware it was going to be a harder than wearing a kandoora (local Omani dress). Turns out it was – we had to say “May peace be there in the world” in our local language. Bummer! After failing miserably in the first practice, I said “Ana Uhibbu Falafel wa Hummus” (I love falafels and hummus) on the final event! And no one reacted 😐 Miss you, Arab buddies!

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One Response to Silent Disco and International Peace Day

  1. Zaid Haque says:

    LOL @ silent disco!! that’s amazing man! People Processes Technology 😉

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