…and I have been dancing around!

Just to make this clear from the beginning, I am NOT spending too much time in the Singapore clubs. Even if I were, it wouldn’t be the topic of a post of the blog being read by my academic advisors back in Qatar :D. I have been into spending sometime into real dance, like legit sh**. A month and a half ago, I signed up with the Bollywood dance club at SMU, titled Nach Le. Its been addictive since then.

When you see a bunch of simple and cute girls standing on a stall promoting their student organization for Bollywood dance, you would mostly expect them to take you through self-made and/or readily adopted classic Bollywood dance movie steps. But that was not how it was turning out to be! From Hip-pop to Salsa, the group essentially shakes their booty to every style of dance on Bollywood music. And just if you thought it wasn’t high-quality enough – a pro dance instructor comes to the dance studio at the university every week to teach us the simplest steps he can offer. Mind you, these are really hard for us! And some stretching and socializing, joking and laughing gets us to be able to do this:

This is the group’s performance at SMU Challenge, one of the annual events at the university. Hope you enjoy it 🙂 (Oh yeh, you will also figure out a number of reasons why I love the dance club 😉 )

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3 Responses to …and I have been dancing around!

  1. Corinne says:

    Yeeeeaaaaahhhh Varun!

  2. Vini the Pooh says:

    The first time I see you dance, I have to admit, you’re good!! Please put on some weight Haanji…. Punjabi ho, punjabi ki tarah dikho.

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