That tunnel I was talking about + Dinner with our Professors

Alright, so I haven’t been posting anything for a long time, and for that I want to ask my buddy Varun for forgiveness! My life’s been pretty crazy right now, but I’m using that time to gain a lot of experience from my seniors from all my classes and stuff (well at least i’m trying!)

So I promised a video of the best view you can get in Pittsburgh (read this:

and voila… i found it! The camera really doesn’t do it any justice.. maybe I’ll try getting a video of it again sometime.

Coming soon: How my minor courses are going, about my Kung Fu lessons, and maybe about my trip to Niagara falls with Samee and Allan.

Also, just a quick word of appreciate before I close: Dr. Randy Weinberg, Professor and Head of the IS department over here, graciously invited the IS students from Qatar over, where Barbara (his wife) and Dr. Raja (our IS course professor)’s wife, Viji, cooked us an amazing dinner, something we hadn’t had for a while!


From left: Dr. Raja, Dr. Weinberg, Allan, me (woohoo!), Samee

Dr. Weinberg loves Qatar!

More posts coming (hopefully) soon!


About Zaid

Hello, my name is Zaid Haque. I’m an Information Systems Sophomore doing a Minor in Communication Design over at the Carnegie Mellon campus in Pittsburgh.
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3 Responses to That tunnel I was talking about + Dinner with our Professors

  1. Varun Arora says:

    Can’t see any pictures 😦 can you please post them?!!

    • Zaid Haque says:

      hmm… i see them perfectly fine! do you want me to repost the pics in a new post?

      • Varun Arora says:

        So it turns out that the pictures didn’t actually get uploaded to the server, it merely gave a link from your Gmail. (did you copy it from there?) You might want to download them to your comp, and then upload them to ensure it works right. Try on another comp, you will see this problem!

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